In SeasonOSCIBAN, and 1769.


 This series explores the commercialization of occult imagery in advertisement and fashion. Symbols that were once looked at by many with fear and disgust are now found on all manner of items able to be purchased alongside lip gloss and back-to-school clothing at your favorite store. Though greater acceptance of alternative viewpoints is surely positive, I am dubious about the manufactures’ understanding of the symbolism.

The photographs depict imagined advertisements wherein mundane products and slogans are shrouded in esoteric decoration. As has been done to countless subcultures before, some companies have no qualms about coopting a genre with no connections to their products.

In Season, uses the “witches’ alphabet” to announce that a popular item is back on the menu and only available for a limited time. The McRib Is Back®.

OSCIBAN invokes, with the seal of Astaroth, a popular black and white cookie sandwich.

1769, uses the “witches’ alphabet” to recite the popular Chilis’® jingle, “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…” 1769 refers to the price of the entrée.


Cyanotype, Silver Gelatin, Inkjet