Since 2007 I have been involved with a Minneapolis based non-profit investigation group called the Twin Cities Paranormal Society.  The TCPS investigates and councils families experiencing unexplainable encounters.  

The combination of documentation and experience is crucial to understanding my photographs.  I am not an outsider in the TCPS, photographing the participants as subjects; I am a devoted believer and investigator myself. Without my personal connection to the situations, the photographs would be inauthentic, and potentially judgmental.  One soon learns the activity reported is not perpetrated by ghastly aggressors or chain dragging specters, the majority of these cases are about dealing with the troubled families.  Many of the supposed spirits are those of the tragically and sometimes recently deceased, known to the family.  The locations we investigate are sacred places inhabited by real hurting and grieving families, not at all the novelty or spectacle as portrayed on television.  I now understand that I am not investigating Ghost stories; I am investigating Human stories